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Gacha Studio Game Review

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gacha studio game review

Gacha Studio Review – Design and Create Your Favorite Anime Outfit

Create Any Anime Scene That You Can Dream Of

Bring Your Own Anime Characters to Life

Anyone who loves mobile video games has likely heard the term “gacha.” This term goes hand in hand with paying real or in-game money to get items or characters. Such games are generally about collecting and, in the words of Pokemon, trying to “catch them all.”

Lunime is a developer that has chosen to use this term to create a whole lineup of games. Some of them include Gacha Life, Gacha Club and Gacha Studio, the game that we’ll review today.

Create and Design the Perfect Anime Characters

The main concept behind this game is to design and dress up anime characters. After designing your characters, you can put them in different environments to create or recreate your favorite anime scenes.

Where this game differs from traditional dress-up games is that you get to create your dress-up dolls. You make anime characters and then dress them up using hundreds of pieces of clothing.

Graphically Appealing But Lacking in the Audio Department

Graphically is where Gacha Studio shines the most. Lunime has come up with a unique chibi art style, which has become quite popular in the world of anime and video games. As a result, this game has a visual appeal that not all dress-up games have.

The visual appeal is only enhanced by the fact that you can create nearly any style of anime character that you want. The game offers tons of eye, hair and other facial features to create one-of-a-kind characters.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have much to offer in the audio department. Granted, the audio isn’t the main draw of the game. After a few minutes of listening to the music and sound effects, though, you’ll want to turn on your own tunes.

Gameplay That Puts Creativity First

On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be much going on in the game. You simply create a few characters, dress them up and put them in environments. However, the game actually offers a lot of entertainment to players who are creative.

In fact, some players have used it to create their own anime, manga and comic media. This is made possible thanks to the ability to add text bubbles to the scenes that you create. As a result, the gameplay is only limited by your own creativity.

In keeping with the name, the game offers the ability to collect over 100 pets as well. You can pose your character with the pets in the scenes that you create. You can even train the pets, and enter them into the Gacha Arena. Unfortunately, it feels like the arena was an afterthought, so it doesn’t really add much to the gameplay.

A Worthwhile Dress-Up Game

Gacha Studio has a lot going for it despite simply being a dress-up game at its core. While other gacha games created by Lunime seem to be more popular, this one is worth it for creative individuals who enjoy making their own designs and possibly their own stories.

While there’s an arena mode to fight the pets that you collect, it really doesn’t offer too much. If you don’t enjoy the dress-up features of this game, you aren’t going to download it just to fight pets in the arena. The arena is more of an afterthought.

It’s worth noting that this game doesn’t work well with 4K screens. If you have a device that has a 4K screen, the developer says that you may notice lag the longer that you play. When this happens, you’ll have to restart the game to get rid of the lag.

The replay value for the game is high. However, you need to be creative enough to keep designing unique outfits for your characters.


Gacha Studio is a fun and creative dress-up game that’s perfect for people with a lot of imagination.