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Gacha Life Game Review

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gacha life review

Gacha Life – Custom Characters, New Friends and a World to Explore

Gacha Life Review

A gacha game is an online game where players have the opportunity to win random prizes. The more they play, the better the chance that they will receive something rare. In the Gachaverse, these unusual prizes allow the player to make his or her characters even more unique.

Living the Gacha Lifestyle

This game is all about fun. Your primary goal is to create custom characters that express your exclusive style. As you explore the Gachaverse, you will make many NPC friends and see new locations.

From the moment you begin, you can make your characters your own. For those who want to get started quickly, the game supplies some preset characters. However, the most fun comes from exploring all the character options.

There are thousands of hairstyles, eye colors and other features from which to choose. As your character progresses, you will open even more options like pets, weapons and other accessories.

Once you have created your characters in Gacha Life, you have several ways to interact with them. They can be the feature players in skits and stories. They can also explore the many areas that make up the Gachaverse. As far as the game’s concept goes, we give it a 5.

An Eye for Graphic Detail

Gacha Life uses high-definition graphics with a hand-drawn art style. It is a mix that gives the impression that you are reading a comic book or watching a cartoon.

However, do not let the cartoon-graphic style fool you. If you look carefully, you will see many details that take advantage of the HD graphic ability. The way that a character’s glittery hair interacts with the light or the small details on clothes and accessories are signs of careful design.

This attention to every graphic aspect is what makes customizing your characters so much fun. There are some details you will not even see until your character is walking around the world.

The music score is fairly nondescript video game music that runs on a loop depending on the scene. Players may find themselves turning it down or muting it after a time.

We give this game a 4 for graphics and audio. It gets a 5 for great graphics, but a 3 for just average music.

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Many Ways to Play

Although the character customization is at its heart, the game’s designers know that you need more ways to play to maintain your interest. Studio Mode, Life Mode and Mini-games keep the action coming.

In Studio Mode, players can place several characters and their pets on a backdrop and create a fun scene. They can add custom text to help tell Gacha Life Stories. The game also includes a Skit Maker Mode where you can join several Studio Mode scenes to make your own narrative.

For some quick fun, you can choose one of eight mini-games like Orca Sploosh and Ichi’s Math. These games reward you with gems that you can use to buy prizes.

After customizing your characters, Life Mode is the main event. In this mode, your characters will interact with other in-game individuals at the beach, in the city and at many other venues. You can give gifts and find other ways to grow relationships. Some people will love these challenges, but others may find them repetitive.

There are many options for hours of fun gameplay included. In terms of playability, we give it a 4.

An Enjoyable Casual Game

Playing this game will not get your blood pumping like an FPS or racing game. There is always a thrill when you win a new accessory in your gacha. If you win all the prizes, you may not feel like you need to play anymore. We give the game a replay-value of 2.

However, winning all the rewards will take you a very long time. If you like creativity and life simulation games, you will enjoy many hours of Gacha Life.


Gacha Life is a casual game where you create characters and make friends as you guide them through a unique world. Do you love Gacha Life ? Let us know in the comments. Also, check out Gacha Club and Gacha Life 2 for the latest in Gacha fun.