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Gacha Club Game Review

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gacha club game review

Gacha Club is all about the character customization!
Lumine introduced a vast world with lots of customizable characters in their first game, Gacha Life. Now Gacha Club expands that world even more with its new RPG battles. The same characters you create can participate in these casual battles.

Gacha Club Review

Action-Packed Variety with Customized Characters

There are a lot of features here from previous Lunime games. First of all, you can customize your characters down to nearly every small detail.

In Studio Mode, you can put your characters into a club setting. With over 600 poses and facial expressions available, you can let your imagination go wild and create scenes. The game even lets you write captions to put words to the scenario.

Battle Mode is the newest of the features. Here, you can take your characters and assemble them into a team ready for turn-based fighting. Send them through Training Mode first to learn the combat rules and then head off to Tower Mode to face endless waves of enemies.

The mini-games also make a return from Gacha Life and Gacha Resort. Again, you earn virtual currencies to spend on your characters.

Smooth Animations and Catchy Music

The game’s attention to detail immediately stands out when you load it up. Each character offers a wide range of customization decisions made throughout the game.

The customization options are quite in-depth. Like other games, you can change a character’s skin tone, adjust the size of their head, put whatever hairstyle you want, and alter their facial features. However, Gacha Club goes even further, letting you dress the characters how you want, equip them with different weapons, and add much more.

Even better, you can select any of these accessories and change the color to whatever you want. Once you pick the character’s hair, for instance, you can change it to your favorite color.

The audio quality is just as good as the graphics, but the techno beat can get a little repetitive after a while. Fortunately, you can turn off the sound, but, hopefully, Lunime adds variety to this area too.

Fun New RPG and Battle Modes

In this game, it’s all about the character customization. Any of the characters you make can star in the other game modes.

Battle Mode is a satisfying way to spend time, notably because it’s a casual mode. It’s easy to control the battles, even when you play against another human.

The PC version also has several mini-games that include easy and hard difficulties to suit your names. Currently, Lunime only has four mini-games, but they plan to add two more in the future.

When you play these games, you earn virtual currency to spend on character customization or battle upgrades.

Studio Mode is another fun feature that most players enjoy. It’s how they create popular Gacha community videos. This game lets you add up to 10 characters in one scene instead of eight.

Additionally, you can include a narrator that tells a story. Characters can talk to each other and interact with objects and pets. Studio Mode allows you to save and load up to 15 scenes.

Hours of Entertainment

There’s plenty to do, especially for creative minds with lots of character ideas. It’s a fun game to play, but there are a few occasional hiccups. At the moment, it’s only available for Windows PCs, Android and iOS.

Gacha Club Download:

It’s a delightfully fun casual battle game that lets you play with custom characters.