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5 Must Watch Movies for Halloween

5 Must Watch Movies for Halloween

Every year as October 31st approaches, we begin to think of ways to both entertain and frighten ourselves. Kids will be thinking of the hordes of candy that they can pillage from their neighbors. Children and adults alike will be contemplating what popular character they want to dress up as. Few things, however, can get […]

Enjoy New Jams in Gacha Club for iOS

gacha club for ios

Gacha Club for iOS Gacha Life was originally released for mobile in October 2018 and has since delighted millions of users with its customizable experience and creative play. The success of Gacha Life has naturally created sequels and side games including Gacha Studio and Gacha Club for iOS. The latest, Gacha Club, features many of […]

Tell Your Story with Gacha Life PC

gacha life game review screenshot

Gacha Life PC a brief overview Gacha Life PC is a friendly, sprite-based life sim game designed with various themed activities and games for players of all ages. From creating stories and building characters to playing arcade-style games, users can expect to enjoy many hours of creative gaming. Originally designed as a mobile game, the […]